Our Mission

We strive to develop the whole child to best achieve his or her intellectual, social, emotional and physical potential. We aim that our students will become

? active, independent and reflective learners

? complex thinkers

? problem solvers and decision makers

? effective team workers

? self confident and assured

? responsible world citizens with a deep awareness of their community and culture, tolerance and understanding of those from different locations

Our Vision

? The learning programmes at NBIS will be rich and will engage and challenge all students. The programmes will have a strong connection with the countries of origin of our students as well as the local community.

? There will be a strong commitment to the improvement of English language proficiency including speaking and understanding, reading and writing.

? The learning environment will be safe, supportive, and enjoyable. We will place great importance on the partnership between school personnel and parents.

Our Values

In our school we strive to live by and develop the following values in our students:


We are here for the purpose of improving the educational outcomes of our students. We all have roles to play and we respect the contribution each makes.


We nurture and care for our students and each other.


We conform to accepted standards of right and wrong. We take responsibility for our actions. Honesty and the truth are important to us.


We work hard, as our results are related to our efforts.


We learn more about ourselves and others by respecting differences and celebrating similarities.

Self Worth

We are mindful of the importance of each individual. We do and say nothing to harm our fellow community members.


As individuals we can achieve much. Together we can achieve much more.