About listNINGBO

With a massive manufacturing base, Ningbo is the second city in China’s southeastern sea-board and one of the largest trading ports in the country.? As such, it has attracted huge amounts of foreign investment and the need for international education has accompanied the influx of expatriates from around the world.

Here, the air is cleaner than in Beijing or nearby Shanghai and the pace of life is just a little slower.

The city is criss-crossed by waterways and bridges which are lit up at night.? There are parks and riverside paths to enjoy – many of them with wonderful play areas for children.? And if you like the buzz of the city, there are plenty of shopping malls, markets, cafes and eateries.? For expats, nightlife is usually centred in two areas … Laowaitan (the Old Bund), which has been redeveloped, and Portman Plaza (currently under major reconstruction).

Travel a little further by bus or train, and you can be in the mountains taking a trek, or by the lakeside enjoying a coffee.? Many of our teachers enjoy cycling and get out of the city regularly at weekends.

Shanghai is just over 2 hours by fast train; Hangzhou – which hosted the 2016 G20 Summit – just 1 hour.?

Ningbo is a convenient hub from which to travel to many other parts of China and the region … Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines,Japan.

The internet will, of course, provide up-to-date information about the city and what it has to offer.