About listInclusion Department

The Inclusion Department blends its ?expertise in academic, social, emotional and behavioural skills to work with ?students and to ensure that the individual needs of all students are met.

We ?want all our students to access the school curriculum and have the opportunity ?to fulfill their potential. We also want all our students to appreciate and ?understand difference and diversity and that our school community of learners ?reflects the society that we all live in.

Our ?programmes promote Inclusion by supporting individuals, small groups, whole ?classes and also whole school initiatives.


SEN (Special Educational Needs)

Working ?in collaboration with teachers, students, parents and sometimes external agencies, the Learning Support Teachers create an action plan with specific targets to meet a diverse range of student needs which includes high achieving ?students. These individual Student Support Plans are then reviewed and updated ?on a regular basis.

EAL (English as an Additional Language)

EAL ?programmes are designed to support those students who arrive with little or no English skills. Students may be withdrawn from class on a 1:1 or small group ?basis to work on specific English tasks. Students are then integrated back into the classroom with EAL teachers also providing in-class support.

Mrs Karen Killeen

Head of Inclusion