NBIS has a great team of teachers!? We work together in close collaboration, and seek to identify and utilise each other’s strengths.

NBIS appoints teachers of the highest calibre, whether local or international.? All teachers will have the necessary academic qualifications and experience.? But in addition to this, we are looking for teachers who are particularly innovative and creative, who have a deep passion for their subjects and for education, who are flexible, adaptable, ready to listen and learn, and highly committed.

Of course, it helps if teachers have a successful international track record.? But young teachers are welcome too and China is a great place to begin a journey into the world of international education.

Our school is somewhat unique in that we have Chinese Co-Teachers in all classes from Pre-School to G6.? Chinese Teachers must have a Degree and Teaching Certificate, and be highly competent in English in order to be considered.? It is one of the strengths of our school that we work so closely together, sharing ideas and seeking to optimise the broad experience represented.

The school offers an attractive package to teachers and a working environment which is safe, happy and productive.? Ningbo is a developing city which aspires to become one of China’s leading ‘internationalised’ centres over the next two decades.? While it may not be on the tourist trail (yet), Ningbo has many attractions to enjoy, and is a convenient gateway to other parts of China and the wider region.